“E no araminho?”

You know what I mean?

If you don't know what I mean… come and join us!

You'll have the opportunity to share your own experience with us and see how fun your English classes can be while working on pronunciation with your students.

/T/= think, through /D/= the, that

  • Cida sabe sambar.
  • Sopa de massinha com suco de maçã é gostosinho.

Play a game with students:

One side of the room is /T/= think, through and the other one is /D/= the, that

One student has to touch the other one who is by his/her side before he/she touches the wall.

/T/= think, through /D/= the, that
faith brother
three there
Cathy although
bath those
math mother

Miming game (one student tries to mime this sentence to his/her group) or students can say it in pairs as a tongue-twister:

Thirty thin math teachers thought they taught their thirsty students rather well.(you can google it and find more tongue-twisters)

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